From Provence to Florida

Tobe was born in France and raised near the Mediterranean sea on the French Riviera. He now live and work in Miami Beach and Clearwater Florida.

Tobe’s work  reflect his satiric way of seeing our world  in forms and colors. Unlike most painters Tobe’s painting  are like  caricature snap shots of his own life. Although you can recognize Tobe’s unusual style which often has whimsical or humorous qualities, the themes as well as the forms and color combinations of his paintings are never repeated.

Tobe Captures his surrounding by playfully distorting human and animal forms, twisting organic shapes and odd geometric constructions. His style was exacerbated by his coming to Miami.

 "My work is more like a photo album in painting is just that I use a paint brush instead of a camera. Each of my painting is in fact a snapshot of a brief moment of my life capturing only the most obvious part of a scene at a determined moment.

It is like seeing and capturing a small detail in a big picture. It is like a caricature of a moment focusing only on an object, animal, plant or person. I rarely design a model the same way because my mood, vision and perspective are always changing".